Research fellow in cancer biology and imaging

Monday, 5 February 2018
Saturday, 31 March 2018

A grant for a 1-year position (renewable) is available for a Research Fellow in the team of dr. Dario Longo ( at the Molecular Imaging Center ( ) - University of Torino (Torino, Italy) starting on April 3rd, 2018.


About the lab:

Longo lab is interested in understanding the role of tumor acidosis in tumor progression and invasion. A major focus of the lab is the in vivo characterization of tumor microenvironemnt, including acidosis, vascularization and hypoxia and in assessing therapeutic response to metabolism inhibitors and to proton pump inhibitors in preclinical tumor murine models.



The position will work in a stimulating interdisciplinary environment at the Molecular Imaging Center and at the Center for Preclinical Imaging (University of Torino), a recognized international group (headed by Prof. Silvio Aime) focussed on cancer biology and imaging equipped with state-of-the-art imaging instrumentations.


Position Highlight:

Dr. Dario Longo is recruiting a highly motivated research fellow interested in conducting inter-disciplinary research using in-cellulo and in-vivo approaches to investigate the role of tumor acidosis in tumor progression and metastasis. Potential research activities will include the investigation in several tumor murine models of the relationship between tumor acidosis and tumor progression throughout non-invasive MRI-based approaches and their correlation with biological/biochemical factors. Additional activities will include the investigation of the key role of tumor acidosis in promoting drug resistance to tumor metabolism inhibitors.


Candidate requirements:

• Holder of a MSc degree in Pharmaceutical, Biological, Biotechnology Sciences or related

• Experience in molecular and cellular biology techniques (e.g. qPCR, FACS, Western blots, histology, cell culture)

• Excellent record of work with mice and cancer models

• Experienced with in vivo MRI is considered a plus

• At least two papers in peer-reviewed journals related to the fellowship

• Highly motivated person with strong interest in research and willingness to participate in several ongoing research projects related to tumor pH imaging

• Fluid in spoken and written English


Interested candidates should send a single PDF file that includes a current curriculum vitae with publications, a short description of previous training and work experiences and contact information for two references to Dr. Dario Longo via email to:


M.Sc. in Biology / Biotechnology or related disciplines
Dependent on level of qualifications and expertise
University of Torino
Job type: 
Research fellow
Dario Longo (